The Union Label Alphabet for Little and Big Children, Page 29


A Few Reasons WHY your father, if he is a baker, should join the Bakery and Confectionery Worker’s International Union of America

1. In union there is strength.
2. It tends to raise wages and develop brotherhood.
3. The wages of organized workers are always higher than the unorganized.
4. It resists a reduction in wages.
5. It is the only way to gain shorter hours.
6. It makes labor respected and insures protection.
7. It gives men independence and self-reliance.
8. It maes a shop a better place to work in, and the world a better place to live
9. It helps the family. Moremoney means a better home, better food and more
10. It pays sick, disability and death benefits.
11. Your common sense approves it.
12. Your duty to yourself and family demands it.
13. Never put off until to-morrow what you can do today.
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