The World at Home ABC, Page 8


A for the Arab. He lives in Arabia and in North Africa. He is a tall,
noble-looking man, frank and bold, but hot-tempered and revengeful. He dwells in
tents, and with his flocks and herds moves from place to place, just as his
forefathers did in Bible times. His beautiful white horse is tenderly cared for;
but his greatest treasure is his camel, on which he journeys across the burning
sandy plains. The camel is rightly called “ the ship of the desert.” He can travel
long distances without water, and he will live on coarse salt shrubs that any
other creature would turn up its nose at. If a stranger comes to an Arab’s tent
and asks for food and shelter, he is always gladly received and well treated. The
Arab is a follower of the prophet Mohammed, and at the time of prayer, wherever he
may be, he spreads his carpet, and turning his face to the holy city, says his
prayers very devoutly.


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