The World at Home ABC, Page 58


Z for Zulu. The Zulus are the most interesting of all the Kafirs. They are strong
and well-built, and many ot them are over six feet in height. Their hair is thick
and woolly, their foreheads are high, their eyes are bright, and they carry
themselves with great dignity. Usually they clothe themselves in ox-hides,
leopard-skins, and blankets, but their cup of joy is full if they can dress up in
the old red coat of a soldier. They are a very warlike people. Under their chief
Cetewayo they fought against the British, who were well armed and well trained,
yet could not conquer them for quite a long time. Amongst those who were killed in
this Zulu War was the Prince Imperial, son of Napoleon the Third. At the time of
his death he was serving as an officer in the British army.- Many of the Zulus
still live in tribes, and have villages of beehive-shaped houses. They are now
quite peaceable, and do most of the heavy work in the mines and on the farms.


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