The World at Home ABC, Page 56


Y for Yoruba man. He lives in the British part of West Africa. As you see, he is
a negro. But look at his hair. Instead of growing smoothly, as ours does, it grows
over his head in little tufts, like peppercorns. The man in the picture has just
speared an antelope, and very proud he is of the feat. Sometimes he goes fishing
and sometimes he hunts the hippopotamus and the elephant. His land is full of
india-rubber trees, and when rubber is wanted, he taps the trees by making a cut
in the bark from the root to the lowest branch, and various other cuts running
from it at right angles. Then down the long cut runs the sap, which drips into a
calabash. When this is filled, it is placed over a fire, the heat of which causes
the liquid rubber to thicken, and thus become ready for trade. The Yorubas must
not be called savages, and are skilful blacksmiths, brass, leather, and glass
workers, weavers, and canoe builders.


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