The World at Home ABC, Page 52


W for West Indian. Most of the people who live in the West Indies are negroes,
with coal-black faces, woolly hair, and teeth like ivory. Their forefathers were
brought as slaves to these islands to work in the sugar plantations. Notice the
basket on the woman’s head. It contains bananas, pine apples, oranges, and other
tropical fruits, which all grow splendidly in the West Indies. There are great
sugar plantations in the islands ; and when the canes are ripe the little nigger
boys and girls grow very fat, for they may be seen sucking the juice out of a
sugar-cane all day long. Some of the West India Islands belong to Britain, and the
negroes and negresses sing “God save the King! ” just as Britons do. Many of the
islands are very beautiful indeed. Richly clothed in evergreen forests, they
spring out of the sparkling blue waters, gleaming like ocean gems in the brilliant


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