The World at Home ABC, Page 50


V for Venetian. He lives in Venice, a beautiful city of Italy. Venice is
sea-born. It is built in the sea, and has the sea for its streets and highways.
Its palaces, temples, and houses are built on seventy-two islands; and there are
about one hundred and fifty canals, including the Grand Canal, which is more than
two miles long. It is bordered by marble palaces and crossed by several splendid
bridges, the most beautiful being that of the Rialto. There are no cabs,
omnibuses, drays, wagons, or vans in Venice. Instead of these the Venetians have
black boats called gondolas, in which they glide about to do their shopping,
visiting, church-going, and sight-seeing. The gondoliers sing as they row their
boats along, and the strains mingle pleasantly with the ripple of the water. Above
all is the clear blue sky, and the dazzling sunlight is reflected on the red-brown
sails, of the quaint vessels.


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