The World at Home ABC, Page 48


U or United States, the land of the “Stars and Stripes,” a vast and wealthy
country of North America. Though the United States has only been an independent
country for one hundred and twenty-seven years, it has already left most European
countries far behind, and bids fair, some day, to lead the world. Nature has given
“ Brother Jonathan” the richest country on the globe, and he has made such good
use of Nature’s gifts that the U nited States is now the land of the “ almighty
dollar,” and million-V J ; aires abound. Everything across “the herring pond” is
on a big scale, and in many things Brother Jonathan claims to “lick creation.”
Long may the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes wave peacefully together! The
Falls of Niagara, the most wonderful waterfall in the world, lie between the
United States and Canada.


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