The World at Home ABC, Page 46


T for Turk. He lives in Turkey and in the south-west of Asia. He is brave and
intelligent, but very lazy, and only likes work when he can get somebody to do it
for him. He loves to sit cross-legged on a low sofa or “ divan,” smoking a “
hookah ” and drinking coffee. Many Turks now dress as we do, except that they wear
a red cap or fez, but at home they dress like the man in the picture. Their women
seldom go out of doors, and when they do they cover up their faces with veils.
Indoors, howvere, they wear gay dresses. All the household work is done by slaves.
The ruler of Turkey si the Sultan. He is a very bad ruler, and treats his
Christian subjects very badly indeed. Turkey is the most backward country in
Europe, and some people think that the Turks ought to be driven out of Europe


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