The World at Home ABC, Page 44


S for Spaniard. He lives in “ Sunny Spain,” which is one of the most interesting
countries of Europe. As a rule, he is ignorant and cruel, but he has very noble
manners. This Spaniard is a bull-In every town there is a large circus with seats
one above the other, on which thousands of people sit every Sunday afternoon to
watch the so-called sport. The bull is driven into the arena; then, on horseback,
men armed with lances stab the creature to make it angry. The narrow escapes of
these men make the crowd very excited. Then the bull-fighter appears, and the bull
dashes towards him, head down. A quick leap, and the bullfighter is out of the way
of the sharp horns, while the bull goes crashing by. Again and again the bull is
tricked, until at last, as the animal charges him, the bull-fighter steps aside
and plunges his sword up to the hilt between the victim’s shoulder-blade and
spine. The bull falls dead, and the bull-fighter bows to the audience, who show
their delight by waving handkerchiefs and shouting lustily. Bullfighting is a
disgusting pursuit, and we may be glad that it is not permitted in our country.


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