The World at Home ABC, Page 42


R for Roumanian. He lives in the north of the Balkan Peninsula of Europe, and is
a light-hearted and cheerful fellow, though, unhappily, he is very ignorant.
Though he is a poor farmer, his land grows much wheat and maize, which are
exported to other countries. He also rears large numbers of sheep, cattle, pigs,
and horses. He is now independent, but for many years his land was ruled by the
Turks. PI is national dance, called the Hora, is a sort of play representing the
way in which he won his freedom. The dancers first move forward in pairs, then the
men and women separate, and the men dance round in a great ring, while the women
wander round as if seeking for some one they have lost. Presently the men draw
close together and make a “tramp, tramp” with their feet like soldiers marching.
Next they gather in a crowd and imitate fighting. At last they give a loud shout
of joy to show that the battle is won. Then the women run and join their partners,
and the dance concludes with merry romps and gay laughter, to show that war is
over at last, and Roumania is free and happy once more.


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