The World at Home ABC, Page 40


Q for Queenslander. Queensland is a large country in the east and north-east of
Australia. Queenslanders are of two kinds— jb- – white people like ourselves; and
black, or rather dark brown, people, such as the man in the picture. The
blacldellow, as he is called, is a savage. He wears little clothing; he tills no
fields ; he has no flocks and herds, and so he is always on the move in search of
food and water. Sometimes he kills birds with his boomerang, and sometimes he
manages to spear a kangaroo or an opossum. The blackfellows are now dying out, and
before long there will be none of them left. Many of the white Queenslanders live
on cattle-ranches. They are fine horsemen, and with their long stock whips they
manage the halfwild cattle wonderfully well.


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