The World at Home ABC, Page 38


P for Persian. He lives in Persia, a country of Asia, and his ruler is called the
Shah. The Shah has been several times to this country, so you may have seen him.
The Persian is tall and graceful, with an oval face and black, glossy hair. On his
head he wears a tall sheepskin hat, that looks something like a muff or a turban.
Poor people wear cotton gowns and cotton trousers. The rich wear over their cotton
clothes rich coats of satin embroidered with gold. The women,when they go outside
their houses, are covered from head to foot with a dark cloak, and their faces are
hidden by a white veil. Persians are very kind to strangers, and always try to
make things pleasant for everybody. They are very quick – witted, and very kind to
their children, who, in return, are very loving and dutiful, Here is a shop in the
market-place of a Persian town, and two ladies in their veils are seen


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