The World at Home ABC, Page 36


O for Ojibwa Indian. When Europeans first settled in North America, the “noble
redskin” was the monarch of all he surveyed. Now, alas! he is fast disappearing.
He is tall, straight, lithe in body, with skin of a dusky copper colour, jet-black
eyes, and straight black hair. He daubs and streaks his face and body with paint,
and wears a feather head-dress, a coat of deerskin embroidered with beads and
quills, and has “moccasins” on his feet. He lives in a “wigwam” with his “squaw,”
who carries her “papoose” in a queer bark cradle. He lives by hunting and fishing,
and in his graceful birch-bark canoe he skims over the lakes and rivers at a great


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