The World at Home ABC, Page 34


N for Norwegian. In the picture you see a pretty Norse girl, who looks very gay
in her bright holiday dress. She lives at Tromsoe, far up in the north, where the
winter is very long and very cold. The summer, however, makes amends, and for
weeks together the sun never sets at all, but is above the horizon all the time.
Many tourists come in yachts to see the “ midnight sun ; ” and this N orse girl is
ready to bid the stranger welcome, for she and her people consider friendliness a
duty, and from their earliest years the children are taught to be pleasant and
kind to everybody. The Norse people are of the same race as the English ; they are
brave, hardy, and freedom-loving. Much of their land is bare rock, but wherever
there is fertile land it is most carefully tilled. When summer comes the farmers
drive their oxen, goats, and sheep to the green meadows high up the mountains.
There those who look after the cattle live in rough wooden huts. In winter the
cattle are brought down again to the valleys.


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