The World at Home ABC, Page 32


M for Mongol. The word “Mongol” means “brave,” and in ancient times the Mongols
were the fiercest and most warlike race in the whole of Asia. Much of their
country consists of a vast “sea of sand,” other parts of it are bare and treeless,
but in the north-west there are some fertile valleys. Many of the Mongols are rich
in flocks and herds, and these they drive from feeding-ground to feeding-ground,
like the Arabs. Of course they live in tents, which are their only protection
against the sandstorms of summer and the fierce snowstorms of winter. They almost
live on horseback or camel-back, so that their lees are short and bent. They have
flat, broad faces, dumpy noses, and eyes set at a slant. The women do all the
buying and selling and much of the work, while the men enjoy themselves in hunting
and hawking. Some of the best falcons in the world are to be seen amongst the


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