The World at Home ABC, Page 30


L for Laplander. The Lapps are a small, hardy people, who live in the extreme
north of Europe. Their land is barren and dreary, but they love it very dearly for
all that. Very little will grow, so the Lapp depends upon his reindeer, just as
the Arab depends on his camels. 1 he reindeer not only gives him food, drink,
shelter, and clothing, but drags his boat-shaped sledge from place to place. The
Lapps live in tents made of skins or coarse cloth. Dogs, men, women, and children
huddle together for warmth; and when a fire is lighted you may guess how hot and
stuffy the tent becomes. The “fishing Lapps” live near the Frozen Ocean. They are
splendid fishermen, and even the boys can manage a canoe very well.


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