The World at Home ABC, Page 28


K for the Kafir. He lives in South Africa, and is a fine, tall, strong fellow,
with thick lips and woolly hair. He used to be very fond of fighting, and with his
assegai, his knobkerry, and ox-hide shield he has fought against British troops.
Now he is peaceable, and lives in his kraal with his wives, who plant the mealies
and do all the work while he lolls about smoking, palavering, and sometimes
hunting. Some of the Kafirs work in the gold and diamond mines for months at a
time. When they get their pay and go home again, they swagger about amongst their
friends as wealthy men.Other Kafirs help the farmers to till the fields, tend the
cattle, or look after the ostriches. Thousands of Kafirs have now become
Christians, and have been taught trades. Most of them, however, still believe in
ghosts, worship snakes, and are terribly afraid of the “witch doctor.”


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