The World at Home ABC, Page 24


I for Irishman. Ireland is the land of the colleen bawn, the broth of a bhoy, the
pratie, the jaunting-car, the shamrock, the Blarney stone, the brogue, “ the
gintleman that pays the rint,” the banshee, the shillalah, and Donny-brook Fair.
There is nobody in all the world so gay, witty, and warm-hearted as Pat, and he
will share his last crust with you gladly. And he is a rare fighter, too, and
sometimes wants to know “Who’ll tread on the tail my coat ? ” Everybody loves his
sister Norah, with her bright eyes, her winning ways, and her ready tongue. If you
ever visit the Emerald Isle, you will have an “ illigant time, indade ! ” and when
you leave it, you will long to “ Come back to Erin, mavourneen, mavour neen.” Erin
go bragh ! In this picture little Pat is waiting to have some potatoes for his
supper. The Irishman likes potatoes, and often poor little Pat must have them for
breakfast and for dinner as well.


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