The World at Home ABC, Page 22


H for Hindu. In the vast country of India, which belongs to Britain, live about
one-fifth of all the people in the world, and most of them are Hindus. Though they
have dark-brown skins, they belong to the same family of the human race as we do.
As their country is a very hot one, they do not wear much clothing; but what they
do wear is very gay indeed—white, red, scarlet, orange, and yellow. Some of the
native princes wear rich robes, which are studded all over with diamonds, pearls,
and other precious stones. The elephants upon which they ride are covered with
gold-embroidered cloths and trappings of the most costly kind. The Hindus are
divided into almost countless classes, called castes; and men and women of one
caste will not marry, or eat with, or visit those of another caste. It is this
great disunion amongst the Hindus which enables the British to rule them. Many
Hindus serve in the British army, and are fine soldiers.


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