The World at Home ABC, Page 20


G for Greek. In ancient clays the Greeks were a strong and gifted race. Among
them were some of the greatest poets, historians, speakers, and thinkers that the
world has ever known. Their books are read even now in our schools and colleges.
The ancient Greeks loved everything that was beautiful, and their sculptors,
painters, and builders produced works which have never been excelled. In Athens,
their capital, and in other places, we may see the grand old ruins of their
wonderful buildings. But evil times came upon them. They lost their freedom, and
at last were overcome by the Turks. Since 1822, however, they have been free,
though they were badly beaten in 1897 by their old masters. The Greeks of to-day
are excellent seamen and clever traders—too clever, sometimes, for they are apt to
be cunning and untruthful. They are very fond of music, and of singing songs to
the strains of the guitar. Most of their songs are rather sad, because many of
them recall the days when the Greeks were the bondmen of the cruel Turks.


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