The World at Home ABC, Page 18


F for Frenchman. Fie calls his land “ Beautiful France,” and loves it very
dearly. The French people have been called the “liveliest nation in the world.”
They are certainly fond of plays, dancing, and music; but they are gallant
soldiers as well, and, as a people, they love warlike glory. Quick and clever,
they are famous for their tact, good taste, and polite manners. Paris, their
capital, is sometimes called “The Gay City.” It has fine buildings, beautiful
tree-shaded streets, and fine shops. One of its oldest buildings is the cathedral
of Notre Dame. It is six hundred years old, and its front is a mass of fine
carving. The country people are very simple and hard-working. On the coast they
are fishermen, and inland there are many vine-yards. In the south part of the
country there are many mulberry trees, on the leaves of which the silk-worms,
which make the silk for ribbons and ladies’ dresses, are fed.


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