The World at Home ABC, Page 16


E for Egyptian. He lives in Egypt, the land of the pyramids. And his country
would be nothing but a desert were it not for the river Nile, which makes a strip
of it green and fertile. Egypt is full of ruins of pyramids, temples, and tombs,
which were built in days long before the time when the Israelites were bondmen in
the land. The Great Pyramid is not far from Cairo, the capital of the country. It
was built five thousand years ago. It is higher than the highest spire in Europe,
and there are seven million tons of stone in it. It took one hundred thousand men
thirty years to build it. Beside it is a huge man-headed lion called the Sphinx.
Formerly the Egyptians were badly treated by their rulers, who robbed them right
and left. Now the British rule the country, and their lot is a much happier one.
At one time they had to be driven to fight with whips. Now the “Gippies” are
capital soldiers, and a few years ago they fought very bravely against the
Dervishes side by side with British soldiers.


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