The World at Home ABC, Page 14


D for Dutch. Here is a Dutch girl with her little dog-cart full of milk-cans. You
see how smart and neat she is ; and you need not be surprised, for the Dutch are
the cleanest people in Europe, and their housewives are always busy washing,
scouring, and polishi the girl you can see a canal and windmill. Everywhere the
land is crossed and recrossed by canals, and everywhere you see windmills, with
their great arms going round and round. In winter the canals are frozen, and then
everybody skates. Men skate to their work, women to market, and children to
school. The men wear short blue jackets and very baggy trousers ; and all poor
people wear wooden shoes, which make a great clatter on the pavements. The Dutch
are excellent farmers and good sailors. They make a great deal of cheese. The
little round cheeses you see in shops come from Holland.


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