The World at Home ABC, Page 12


C for Cossack. His home-is on the wide, dreary plains or steppes of south-east
Russia. His forefathers were fierce warriors who feared nothing, and loved liberty
better than life itself. The Cossack is a splendid horseman, and is more at home
in the saddle than on foot. He is a soldier of the Czar, and he bears hunger,
thirst, cold, and fatigue without complaining. As a scout he has hardly an equal.
He knows the steppe as a good boy knows his book, and can track a foe by the most
trifling signs. In winter, when the land is white with snow, he sometimes has to
face wolves, which are then mad with hunger. Travellers are sometimes overtaken
and devoured by them. Let us hope that the men in this picture will escape such a
terrible fate.


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