The Bandit Bunny Alphabet and other stories, Page 8



O Charlie boy, O snarley boy,

Why don;t you comb your hair?

It looks as if a mouse or two

Had come to live a while with you

And start in business there.

O Charlie boy, O snarley boy,

Why don’t you wash your face?

I think I’ll dip you in a tub,

And use you for a mop to scrub

The floors about the place.

O Charlie boy, O snarley boy,

You must have ink for blood;

And Charley boy, he said,said he:

“I’m made of dust – The spots you see

Is where I’ve turned to mud.”


Our Willy started out for school

One bright and sunny day,

But somehow felt himself inclined

To go the other way.

He couldn’t say it was the sun,

The birds, the buds, the sky,

Which made him lag – not one of them

Explained the reason why.

‘Til in a wink he understood

Right at the school-house door,

For he had put his trousers on,

Just think! – wrong side before.


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