The Bandit Bunny Alphabet and other stories, Page 25



“‘Now I lay me’ – Mamma, I

Can’t be sorry ef I try;

Willy kick’t me twict to-day,

He’s th’ one that ought to pray.

“‘Now I lay me down to’ – say,

Wot you think he done to-day?

Jabbed a hole in Susie’s ball

N’ tored th’ sawdust from her doll.

“Now I lay me down to sleep,’

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Ef’ – Mamma, don’t you think that he

Should git lick’t fer kickin’ me?

“Yes – I know, but ‘Tisn’t you

That’s bin bunged all black ‘n’ blue;

Ef Pop ‘u’d spank you – could you pray

‘Now I lay me’ -right away?”


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