The Bandit Bunny Alphabet and other stories, Page 20



“Hullo, hullo, is Baby there?”

And Papa’s ringing tone

Slipped in the infant’s tiny ear

From out the telephone

And then, of all the things absurd!

That youngster to express

To waiting Papa that he heard

Why simply nodded “Yes.”

Again that jovial “Hullo!”

Came speeding through the air;

“Hullo, I say, I want to know

If three-year-old is there.”

Then with a look of grim surprise

That words cannot express,

He answered Papa’s inquiries

Again by nodding: “Yes.”

“Hullo, hullo! what’s wrong up there?”

Cried the familiar tone;

And this time Baby stirred the air

Within the telephone.

“What’s wrong wiv you?” he shrilly cried,

And shook his tiny hand,

“Dis is de fird time I has tried

To make you under’tand.”


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