The Bandit Bunny Alphabet and other stories, Page 2


Yes! Willy is the proudest boy

In juvenile creation;

For some one said Kriss Kingle was

A family relation.

But as Kriss Kingle turned to go

He heard a shout, as Willy

Cried “Much obliged!” and laughed to see

Kriss Kingle look so silly.

“Say, why not come and live with us?

I’d love to have you, dearly;

Then I’d have presents all the time

Instead of waiting yearly.

So Willy kept awake that night,

When all the rest were sleeping,

And saw Kriss Kingle in the room

Come slowly, softly creeping.

He filled the stockings to the top

With sweets and treasure splendid;

And Willy never made a sound,

But lay there and pretended.

“I’ll trade my Papa off for you,

I know we’d all be suited.

What do you say?” What did he say

Why nothing – he just scooted.


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