The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 9


“Betty” Camp

IN a great big city, in a great big house, there lived a very beautiful little girl whose name was “Betty” Camp. She had rosy cheeks — and big, blue eyes — and lovely golden hair.
Sometimes they called her “Little Sunshine,” she was always such a dear, sweet, happy, good-natured, little girl—and she brought happiness to everybody who knew her.
She helped her Mamma around the house; and she made her Papa very happy, singing her little songs to him and reciting the little verses that she learned at school.
Every morning, as soon as she woke up, she would run to the window and, looking out at the Rising Sun, would greet him with:

“Good-morning, Merry Sunshine,

What makes you wake so soon?

You scare away the little stars

And drive away the moon!”

Then she would scamper off and1 go tippey-toe to Mamma’s and Papa’s room, to see it’ they were awake. If she found they were still asleep, she would creep softly back to her bed and quietly read her little book until Papa and Mamma came in to the time—and never bothered her parents.
Just like Billy Van, this good little girl cleaned her teeth after every meal, kept her hands and face clean, behaved herself at the table, and ate only the things that were good for her.
Betty used to like to look in the windows of the Big Grocery Stores—and on their counters and shelves—for she saw there the same kind of good things to eat that were always on her Mother’s Pantry Shelf at home. They had the same kind of labels as the things-that Billy used to see in the little grocery store in the little country town—and the same kind of a sign was in the windows of the Big Grocery Stores. It said: “ ‘Something Good for Every Meal’—Van Camp’s.”
She noticed that the last part of the name on the labels and on the sign was the same as her own last name—and that pleased her very much.
One hot, sun-shiny afternoon, when Betty was sitting out in the Park, reading a wonderful story book, she grew very tired and sleepy and, before she knew it, her little head drooped forward and she fell fast asleep. And while she was sleeping, she had a very wonderful dream—just like the dream Billy was having at the same time, out in the corn field, in the little country town, a-way, ’wav off from the Big City where Betty lived.

G is for Good

Little Girlies and Boys

Who always behave –

And don’t fight over toys.

H is for Happiness

What a fine word!

It is one of the finest

You ever have heard.


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