The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 6


For All Good Little Girls and Boys

FOR all good little girls and all good little boys.

These stories are written, to tell of the joys

Of young “Billy” Van and his pal, “Betty” Camp,

To whom Master Aladdin presented his Lamp.

He told them to rub it, for good things to eat,

But he cautioned them both they must be very neat.

They must put on their napkins and have their hands clean,

Or they’d not get so much as a single Baked Bean!

They must learn how to eat with a spoon and a fork —

And, at table, not bother their elders with talk.

“But just speak when you’re spoken to” — that’s what he said;

“Then go quietly, soon after supper, to bed”.

So they did what he told them — and what do you think?

They just ate and grew fat — and their cheeks they grew pink!

When they hungered for food,they just rubbed on the Lamp —

And the food that was brought them was labeled “Van Camp.”


is for Alice—

Of “Wonderland” fame.

If she ever got lost,

She remembered her name.


is for Beans—

And it’s also for Baked.

If they have Van Camp’s label,

There’s no better make.


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