The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 26


A Word to Mothers

IF you and the children have enjoyed “Billy and Betty,” we hope you will write us. We like to please—and being human, we like to know when we have pleased.
We have just published another book, which we will gladly send you. Its title is: ” What to Serve and How to Serve It “. Every housewife should have it. It was compiled by Mrs. Harriet Ellsworth Coates, one of the foremost authorities in America. Profusely illustrated with photographs of actual dishes.
It is full of ideas on what to serve for every occasion, and contains many original recipes for dishes that will delight your guests and enhance your fame as a hostess.
If you will send your dealer’s name and enclose 10c to cover postage and packing, we will be glad to mail you this book. Address Domestic Science Kitchens. Van Camp’s. Indianapolis, Ind.


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