The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 25


Good-Bye To the Fairy

WHILE Billy and Betty were telling Little Sing-a-Ling and Ting-a- Ling how very sorry they were—and all were wondering what they should do for something to eat—the Good Paiyy appeared and told them not to worry. She said to Billy and Betty:

Now that you’re Billy and Betty Van Camp,

You’ll have no further need for the Wonderful Lamp.

You won’t need the fairies—you won’t need the elves—

If you have Van Camp’s products at home, on your shelves!

So, Billy and Betty said good-bye to the Good Fairy and thanked her for their thrilling .adventures—and she sailed away in the big fairy Air Ship, with Little Sing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling —back to the wonderful Castle in the Air.

* * * *

Then the Big White Cloud came down out of the sky—gathered Billy and Betty up in its soft folds—and carried them back to their homes.

Billy woke up in the corn field, in the little country town, just as the sun was going down — and Betty woke up in the park in the great, big city.

Now you want to remember, as long as you live,

That all things are not just what they seem;

For these jolly and thrilling adventures, my dear.

Were but only a Wonderful Dream!


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