The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 21


Betty Visits the Camp Fire Girls

ON one sunny day, with her hair all curls,

Betty went to the camp of the Camp Fire Girls.

Whenever she went on this kind of a tramp

She always took with her the Wonderfid Lamp.

For she knew she’d get hungry like all children do;

So, she never went unprepared—neither should you.

You must always have plenty of good things to eat,

If you want to grow strong from your head to your feet.

It was late afternoon when she got to the camp

And she saw right away she’d have need for the Lamp,

For the Girls who had hoped to give Betty a treat

Said, with tears in their eyes, “We have nothing to eat!”

But Betty soon had them all smiling and gay—

And the Camp Fire Girls well remember that day—

For she rubbed on the Lamp, and a party was spread

That made each little girlie go happy to bed.

Z is for Zebra—

So all the books say.

It’s the last of the letters;

So, dearies—“Good-day!”


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