The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 20


Billy At the Boy Scouts’ Camp

BILLY wanted to visit a Boy Scouts’ Camp—

For lie wanted to show them the Wonderful Lamp,

He wanted to see if the boys were neat—

And he wanted to see what they had to eat.

But he got there just as their food gave out—

And a hungry boy—is a hungry scout!

He had only one can of Van Camp’s Soup—

And that wouldn’t get far with a Boy Scout troop!

So, he sat right down and he rubbed the Lamp.

And they had enough food for a week in camp.

There were all kinds of good things—under one seal—

And it meant “Something Good for Every Meal.”

There was lots of spaghetti and pumpkin and beans.

Peanut butter, soup, milk—and you know what that means!

So they all pitched in and they ate their fill—

And if you had been there, you’d be eating still!

Y is for Youth

With its pleasures and joys.

It’s the hey-day of life,

For all girls and all boys.


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