The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 18


Lost In the Woods

Billy and Betty

Went out for a tramp—

And, of course, they took with them

The Wonderful Lamp.

After walking all day

And far into the night,

They were lost in a forest

Without any light!

BETTY was afraid at first; but Billy was a brave little lad and he told her not to fear, as he would take care of her.
They were tired and hungry, so they sat down on a pile of soft leaves and began to wonder what they should do.
Pretty soon the moon came up—then Billy rubbed the Lamp and they had plenty to eat—and that made them feel much-better and braver and more contented.
As they looked around, they saw two big, bright, shiny eyes staring at them — and they wondered if this was the same woods where Little lted Riding Hood met the terrible Wolf. So, not to take any chances, they quickly climbed into the branches of a big tree, safe away from the Wolves and Foxes and all the other wild animals that prowl around the woods at night.
And right beside them sat a friendly old Owl who broke the silence with—
To Whit! To Whoo!
Who are you?
Billy and Betty told them—and the wise old Owl winked an eye and told them he thought they were very wise, too, to get up in the tree away from harm.
They stayed awake a long time, watching the Fairies and Elfins and Goblins that people the woods at night—then, like the Babes in the Woods, they grew very tired and fell fast asleep—but they were up in the branches of the big tree, instead of being on the ground.
When the morning came, the sun was shining, the woods were cool and sweet-smelling, and there were no wild animals anywhere to be seen.

U is for Useful—

Which all things should be.

It’s a very good motto

For you and for me.

V is for Voices

We all love to hear.

It’s the soft ones and sweet ones

That give us most cheer.

Even the Owl had flown away.

For Owls, you know, go blind at day!


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