The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 17


Saved From the Cannibals

BILLY and Betty had a very thrilling adventure one day, that nearly cost them their lives.
They saw a funny looking boat tied up to the shore—and they jumped into it to play they were out for a sail. But no sooner had they jumped aboard than a Irig wind blew and carried the boat far, far away over the ocean to the strange lands where the cannibals live!
Many times the waves dashed over the sides of the boat and Billy and Betty thought surely they would be drowned. But Billy was a very good sailor for so young a boy and he managed to take the boat safely through the storm.
Of course they had the Wonderful Lamp with them—and it was lucky that they did, for they found nothing to eat in the cabin of the boat—-and they would surely have starved to death without the aid of the Lamp.
But drowning and starving were not the only dangers! As they came to one of the islands of this strange part of the world, a terrible-looking, big, brown cannibal jumped out from behind a rock on the shore—ran down to the boat —grabbed Billy and Betty—carried them off into the woods —and tied them to the stump of an old tree.
Then the cannibal built a big fire under a huge pot of water and made ready to cook Billy and Betty—and eat them!
But Billy had a bright idea—and he whispered to Betty not to be afraid. With that, he rubbed the Wonderful Lamp—and behold! the ground was covered with all sorts of good things to eat—all in bright dainty containers—and every one with the same sort of a label.
The cannibal was struck with fear—and he fell to his knees and bowed his head down to the ground in front of Billy and Betty.
When he had untied them, he called together all the men and women of his tribe and they all had a wonderful feast on the good food that Billy had provided. Then the cannibals made Billy and Betty their King and Queen — but that night, while the tribe was fast asleep, Billy and Betty stole away to the boat, escaped from the island, and sailed back to the welcome shores of America.

S is for “Something Good For Every Meal”—

But be sure that Van Camp’s

Is the name on the seal.

T’s for Tomatoes—

Ah, that’s .where we shine!

They’re Van Camp’s from the seed

To the fruit of the vine.


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