The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 14


The Big Party Giver

BILLY and BETTY gave everybody such a good time on the Big Picnic that the Mother Goose people and all the others decided they would give Billy and Betty a Big Party in the house of Old Mother Hubbard!
Well, of course, you know what happened.
They all thought they were going to have lots of good things to eat, but when Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard She found the cupboard was bare!
As the Party was being given for Billy and Betty, they forgot what Aladdin had told them and did not bring the Wonderful Lamp with them. So, everybody had to hurry about, here and there, to find some- thing to cat. Some ran back home to get flour and sugar and milk and other things to cook with; while others built a fire and got out the pots and pans—and there was much fussing. The Mother Goose people took a lot of pains in baking and stewing and cooking because they wanted to give Billy and Betty a feast thev would always remember.
At last the Party was ready—but the things that Billy and Betty had to eat were so sweet and so heavy that, even before the others left the house, Billy and Betty felt sick


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