The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 13


The little old-fashioned, Van Camp Twins were there, too. Can’t you see them in the picture? These little characters are over 60 years old and they go to picnics and parties and into millions of homes — to see that children and grown-ups have “Something Good for Every Meal.”

Every time Billy or Betty rubbed the Lamp at the Picnic, the little Van Camp Twins appeared instantly and brought them lots and lots of good things to eat. Dear little girls and boys— Wouldn’t YOU just love to be with Billy and Betty and all
the good little tots at this party ?

O is for Order—

dt’s Heaven’s first law.

It makes things run


And that’s what it’s for.

P is for Pantry—

Just look at the shelves,

All arranged with Van Camp’s

Like an army of elves!


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