The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 12


The Picnic Party

EVERY little boy and girl loves to go on a Picnic — and Billy and Betty were no exception.
So, now that they had Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp —and all they had to do was to rub it, to have all the good things to eat that anybody could want—they decided to have a Great Big Picnic, so that everybody could have a good time and plenty to eat.
Billy and Betty did not think only of themselves. They were unselfish children—and they knew that the best way to be happy is to make other people happy.
So, they asked the Good Fairy to invite all the Mother Goose people—and all the other little children and grown-ups of your story books. Everybody came and everybody had a very wonderful time.

There was Old King Cole;

The merry old soul;

And Little Red Riding Hood, too;

And Little Miss Muffet

Who sat on a tuffet;

And th’ Old Woman who lived in a shoe.

Jack Spratt came along

Just to sing them a song;

ftumpty-Dumpty, he came on the run;

And Little Boy Blue;

And a Goose and Dog, too—

My! didn’t they have lots of fun!

And Jack Horner was there

With his (little stool chair;

Cinderella and Goldilocks came.

But as some couldn’t stay.

They just hurried away

‘While the others played many a game.

M is for Merry—

Be happy aad gay,

All along yonr life’s Path

As you travel your Way.

N is for Naughty

Young girls and young boys

Who take out of life

All its pleasures and joys.


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