The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 11


soft, yellow sand—and the Cloud then rolled away, far out over the ocean, and finally disappeared.
Billy and Betty looked at each other and rubbed their eyes in amazement — and while they were talking Aladdin appeared before them and presented them with his Wonderful Lamp, so that they might always have plenty of good things to eat on their journeys.
Then the Good Fairy appeared and told them they would have some very jolly and thrilling adventures—but not to be afraid, for she would always be with them, if they were Good Children.
After the Good Fairy left, it began to grow very dark and cold—and pretty soon the Moon and the Stars came out—and while Billy and Betty were watching them, the Sand Man came along and dropped little grains of sand into their eves. Very soon they fell fast asleep; and they dreamed of more big Clouds—and Thrilling Adventures — and Good Things to Eat. When a boy is Good, And a girl is Good, And they help their parents, as children should, They’ll be happy and gay Throughout the day; And, at night, they’ll have wonderful dreams —they say!

K is for Kiddies

Who give the world joys.

This means only Good

Little Girlies and Boys.

L is for Love

With its banner unfurled.

It’s the greatest and best

Of all things in the world.


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