The Adventurous Billy and Betty, Page 10


The Big White Cloud and the Good Fairy

NO sooner had Billy and Betty fallen asleep than a great, big, fleecy, White Cloud—just like a huge feather bed — swooped down out of the sky, caught Billy up in its soft folds, and carried him ’way up in the sky, over the hills and valleys, far up over
the tree-tops and the sun-kissed fields.

Faster and faster went the Cloud until it came to the Park in the Big City where Betty was asleep. Then it swept down
out of the sky and caught little Betty up in its big, soft folds—and, without stopping, up! up!! up!!! it went again and carried Billy and Betty far away off— over the roofs of houses—over the tops of chimneys and high church steeples—’way up in the sky with the birds!
Away went the Cloud, faster and faster, until it came to the edge of a great, big, blue ocean—where the waves were dashing over the rocks and rolling far up on the beach.
Then the Big White Cloud blew down out of the sky and dropped Billy and Betty on a big, big pile of

I is for Icicles

Caused by the cold—

Should be used ’stead of candy

When children are bold!

J is for Jealous—

A terrible thing.

Takes the joy out of life

And leaves only a sting.


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