Take your choice!, Page 38


Y y

Y is the YAWNER, the School there’s no peace in,

He stares in each face, gapes and y-a-w-ns without ceasing;

“The rod,” cried the Usher, ” I’ll thrust down your maw,

Shut your mouth ! ” ”Yes, I will, sir, yaw-a-a-yaw!”

The Usher then y-a-w-n’d, and the Boys all y-a-w-n’d too,

Gape, Reader, and try,—so perhaps then may you !

Z z

Z, ZACHARIAH the ZANY stands fast,

His post in the Alphabet train is the last.

“The last did you say I” cried the mirth-loving Zany,

“I’ll prove it thc./b’.rf and most honour’d of any.”


Pat Murphy, resolving a guinea to spare,

Once ventur’d a bet on the plains of Kildare,

That Zany my namesake, a favourite horse,

Would gain all the honours, that day, of the course,

But Zany was distanced and last in the race;

“By the Powers! ” cried Pat, still maintaining his case,

“The honours are won, here he comes in terrorem—

Young Zany,—and drives all the racers before him.”

So Z still aspires your favour to claim,

For Zeal without him could not boast of a name.


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