Take your choice!, Page 32


T t

T is TIM TRUSTY, a fault on himself

Who tbok, to screen Do-little, panic-struck elf;

And Trusty well flogg’d then was order’d to be,

“Oh, don’t, cried the culprit, ’twas me! it was me!”

Tim Trusty the Master’s high favour thus gain’d,

And Do-little too a free pardon obtain’d.

U u

U is young USURY, his money who lends

On Cent per Cent gain to his playmates and friends;

Who two-pence to-day will permit you to borrow,

Provided that four-pence you pay him to-morrow;—

But to lend without int’rest he’s never inclined,

For no generous feeling exists in his mind,

V v

V, VICARY VAINLOVE, a genius who owes

His self-estimation alone to his clothes;

Urigifted by worth, against merit a railer,

He trusts for regard to the skill of his Tailor.

“Your pride let this bird,” said our Usher,” subdue,

The peacock GOD made, but a Tailor made you!”


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