Take your choice!, Page 31


R r

R, ROGER RANDOM, who dashes away,

Still heedless of what he may think, or may say.

A Rhymist is Roger; ” Observe now this rule,”

Our Usher once said, ” Every Poet’s a fool.”

Indeed, sir ! said Bob, I dont happen to know it;

But one thing I know, every fool’s not a poet.”

S s

S is SAM SOP,—see how hungry his look!

From morning to dinner-time teazing the cook ;

He fell in the dripping once. Oh ! how he squall’d !

Now what is the matter?” his frighten’d Aunt bawl’d;

“Why, nothing at all, Ma’am,” the Cook thus began,

“A Trifle,—’tis only a SOP in the pan!”


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