Take your choice!, Page 25


N n

N is NED NOVICE, who seems to take pains

In aiming at wit, yet a Novice remains;

Do-little in silence long bore his abuse,

“You dare not,” said Novice, “cry Boh ! to a goose.’

“I dare though,” Do-little replied, and to show

His courage, he look’d in Ned’s face and cried, Boh !

O o

O is young OLIVER ODD-ONE, when foil’d

Ned Novice at wit, by Do-little the child,

A donkey was browsing apart from two others,—

” See,” Ned said to Oliver, ” one of your brothers.

Or one of your family ranging the sod on !”

‘How so?’ ‘Why,’ cried Ned, ‘don’t you see he’s an odd-one.’


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