Take your choice!, Page 19


I i

I is young IDLER, whom here you may see,

And his name and his character strictly agree;

At school he’s the last, coming in,—going out,

The last in whatever the boys are about:

If so he continue, ’tis easy to tell

The last he will be in the world to do well.

J j

J is JEM JOLLY, the JESTER, no fool,

Alert when at play and attentive at school;

The life of our sports, and whose juvenile wit

To each in his turn gives a palpable hit;

But as none of his jokes are design’d to give pain.

So none of his playmates are heard to complain.

K k

K is KIT KINDLY, a good-natur’d creature,

Whose kind disposition is seen in each feature.:

His fruit or his cakes after school he’ll divide,

And lay for himself the least portion aside.

To all in distress his benevolence flows,

And all bid ” Heaven bless him 1″ wherever he goes.


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