Take your choice!, Page 13


E e

E is TOM EASY, whom nothing annoys,

But who with mere trifles his time oft employs.

One day in our school, as he play’d with the Cat,

The Usher demanded,—”Tom, what are you at?”

In lack then of speech, poor Tom Pussey cried Mew,”

Tom Easy I mean,” said the Usher, ” not You J”

F f

F is FRANK FRETFUL,—the boys love to tease him,

So peevish and cross, there is nothing can please him;

When told of his faults, he says, ” What’s that to you?”

And point but your finger, he cries “Have done, do!”

While around him we caper and cheerfully sing,

He blares like a Calf in the midst of the ring!


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