Mounted picture toy book : comprising, Nursery rhyme alphabet, Nursery numbers, The tiny tea party, The book of trades ; with thirty-two pages of illustrations, printed in colours, Page 29


M m
M was Miss Molly,
Who turned in her toes,
And hung down her head
Till her knees touched her nose.

N n
N is a Nosegay
Sprinkled with dew,
Pulled in the morning,
And presented to you.

O o
O is an Owl,
Who looks wondrously wise;
But he’s watching a mouse
With his large round eyes.

P p
P is a Parrot,
With feathers like gold,
Who talks just as much,
And no more, than he’s told.

Q q
Q is the Queen
Who governs the land,
And sits on a throne
Very lofty and grand.

R r
R is a Raven,
Perched on an oak,
Who, with a gruff voice,
Cries, Croak, croak, croak!

S s
S is the Sheep,
Cropping grass on the lea:
Their owner has marked
On their backs a large D.

T t
T is a Trumpeter,
Blowing his horn,
Who tells us the news
As we rise in the morn.

U u
U is a Unicorn,
Who, as it is said,
Wears an ivory bodkin
On his forehead.

V v
V is a Vulture
Who eats a great deal,
Devouring a dog
Or a cat at a meal.

W w
W was a Watchman,
Who guarded the street,
Lest robbers or thieves
Good people should meet.

X x
X was King Xerxes,
Who, if you don’t know,
Reigned over Persia
A great while ago.

Y y
Y is a Yacht
Sailing far out to sea;
If you were on board,
How nice it would be!

Z z
Z is a Zebra,
Whom you’ve heard of before;
So here ends my rhyme
Till I find you some more.


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