Mounted picture toy book : comprising, Nursery rhyme alphabet, Nursery numbers, The tiny tea party, The book of trades ; with thirty-two pages of illustrations, printed in colours, Page 12


The child should be required to name the objects in this Alphabet, without seeing the Kay; which can be referred to, if necessary. By this means a knowledge of objects, and the amusement of using his own observations, will be obtained.

A a
A was an Angler,
Went out in a fog,
Who fished all the day,
And caught only a frog.

B b
B was cook Betty,
A-baking a pie,
With ten or twelve apples
All piled up on high.

C c
C was a Custard
In a glass dish,
With as much cinnamon
As you could wish.

D d
D was fat Dick,
Who did nothing but eat;
He would leave book and play
For a nice bit of meat.

E e
E is an Egg
In a basket with more,
Which Peggy will sell
For a shilling a score.

F f
F was a Fox,
So cunning and sly,
Who looks at the hen-roost,
I need not say why!

G g
G was a Greyhound,
As fleet as the wind;
In the race or the course
Left all others behind.

H h
H was a Heron,
Who lived near a pond;
Of gobbling the fishes
He was wondrously fond.

I was the Ice
On which Billy would skate;
So up went his heels,
And down went his pate.

J j
J was Joe Jenkins,
Who played on the fiddle;
He began twenty tunes,
But left off in the middle.

K k
K was a Kitten,
Who jumped at a cork,
And learned to eat mice
Without plate, knife, or fork.

L l
L is a Lark,
Who sings us a song,
And wakes us betimes
Lest we sleep too long.


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