Mother's Picture Alphabet, Page 62


And now, dear child, that you have read

The alphabet, from a to Z,

You’ve found each letter, in its turn,

Suggest you something good to learn;

Something that you, another day,

May think of, in your work or play.

These letters, when combined in rows,

The largest, longest book compose;

Look, therefoire, at each letter well,

And soon you’ll learn to read and spell;

And oh, how pleased I then shall be,

To hear you read nice books to me!

And oh, how much more pleased, my dear,

While you in learning persevere,

To see you in your youth begin

To honour Godf and flee from sin;

To watch you day by day progress

In wisdom, virture, holiness

Of early to the Saviour come;

Still at His loving feet there’s room.

Seek, little lamb, the Shepherd’s care;

Go with this simple lisping prayer –

“Lord, cleanse this sinful heart of mine;

And make me, wholly, thine.”



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